What's Up, Doc?

Always wanted to know why your partner snores so loudly? What can you do to decrease your risk of developing lung cancer? What should you expect when visiting the emergency department? What is an MRI? Why does your leg cramp after that long walk? How do you keep healthy after that long subway ride to work during flu season? Our medical staff can help.

Learn about Prostate Cancer from Urologist, Dr. Rajiv Singal. 

Learn about what you can expect when visiting our Emergency Department from Dr. Paul Hannam.

Learn more about HIV from our Head of Infectious Diseases, Dr. James Downey.

Learn more about Kidney Stones from Urologist, Dr. Rajiv Singal.

Learn more about Asthma from Chief and Medical Director of our Emergency Department, Dr. Paul Hannam.

The purpose of the What’s Up Doc? series is to introduce you to the specialists at Michael Garron Hospital as they offer helpful tips on health care. The series is not an alternative to seeing your doctor or to diagnosing health concerns that you may have.