Shoppers Drug Mart Growing Women's Health Campaign

Join us in support of Michael Garron Hospital's Breast Diagnostic Clinic!

Visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart stores and make a donation to support the Growing Women's Health Campaign, between September 9 to October 6, where 100% of proceeds will go toward the Breast Diagnostic Clinic.

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Breast Diagnostic Clinic

Our care team provides advanced, comprehensive and rapid diagnosis and treatment ― along with immeasurable emotional support ― for patients in east Toronto and beyond. Last year, the Clinic provided care to 463 new patients between the ages of 15 and 100, and saw 1,216 visits. During the same time period, our surgeons performed 160 breast procedures.

The Clinic staff understands that breast cancer is a difficult and very personal experience and is always ready to address patients’ questions, concerns and fears. The team is committed to meeting the unique needs of each patient, wherever she may be in her journey ― whether the need is to provide treatment, to offer education, to hold a hand or simply to listen.

One powerful feature distinguishing our program from other breast diagnostic clinics in the city is the fact that the Clinic is run by our oncology surgeons. The patient, who might have either benign or malignant breast health issues, meets with the surgeon at her very first visit. This helps to minimize wait time if surgery is necessary —and enhances the patient’s confidence and comfort level, as the surgeon will already have begun to develop a supportive relationship with the patient.

If you are hosting an event in support of MGH, please share your story and pictures with us!

Kyla Tymchen or 416-469-6580 x2098