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On March 17, 2010 Patrick Pecker brought his wife, Anna Marie into the maternity ward at Michael Garron Hospital. Although she wasn’t due for another three weeks, Anna Marie hadn’t been feeling well that day, and the couple decided it was best to make a visit to the Hospital. When both mom and baby’s heart rates began to rapidly increase, Anna Marie was taken to the OR for an emergency C-section while Patrick waited to meet his new child. Unfortunately, it would be hours before that moment would come.

Anna Marie’s delivery was gruelling for both her and the baby. Arielle’s response was severely depressed at birth and she had to be resuscitated. While undergoing anaesthetic for the C-section it was discovered that doctors could not intubate Anna Marie and had to perform a partial tracheotomy. What should have been the happiest day of his life was turning into one of the worst Patrick had ever experienced. Anna Marie and Arielle Pecker

“After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, a nurse walked out of the OR with my daughter. For a few moments I was able to hold Arielle in my arms before she was taken into the Paediatric Special Care Unit and I was told I needed to be with my wife.” 

With his new daughter in the Paediatric Special Care Unit and his wife, a few floors down in the ICU, Patrick felt as if his entire world was in the hands of strangers. He will never forget what that group of strangers did for his family.

“The care we received at Michael Garron Hospital was nothing short of amazing. The staff was totally devoted to Anna Marie and Arielle’s care. The way they treated us, you would have thought we were the only family in the Hospital.” 

Today, both Anna Marie and Arielle are happy and healthy, and Patrick believes he owes this all to the incredible doctors, nurses and support staff at MGH. “I believe that the Hospital pulled out every stop to ensure I would still have a family. No one ever gave up on us, and for that I will always be grateful.”

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