McDonald Family

McDonald Family

Gavin and Kathleen McDonald welcomed their first daughter, Meara, at Michael Garron Hospital. Their experience was filled with joy and wonderful memories of the compassionate and kind doctors and nurses who provided exceptional care.

Two years later, they welcomed their second daughter, Maeve, and were thrilled to learn that the same nurse would be caring for their growing family once again. “Christine was the type of person you never forget. Providing the perfect mix of care and professionalism, she was a welcomed calming presence in the birthing room.”

When the newly expanded McDonald family left MGH they had nothing but praise for the dedicated team at our hospital – telling everyone they knew about the exceptional care that went above and beyond the call of duty.

“Thanks to the support of our community, my daughter received care in a hospital environment tailored to the medical and emotional needs of children.”

Eighteen months later Maeve developed a Hand-Foot-Mouth infection - a virus, which causes chickenpox-like lesions and high fevers. After visiting their family doctor, it was recommended that Gavin take his youngest daughter straight to the Emergency Department at MGH. “When we walked into the ER, Maeve became overwhelmed and I worried about how long we would have to wait. Shortly after our arrival, the nurse took Maeve’s temperature and invited us to follow the tiny footprints that led to the Children’s ER.”

“We were immediately put in a comfortable and private room, with a TV tuned to Treehouse. As soon as Maeve saw her favourite show, her eyes lit up and she forgot she was in a hospital. As a parent, this instantly gave me a feeling of relief. I knew that my little girl was a priority at this Hospital.”

From the ER nurse who knew exactly how to converse with a toddler, to the paediatric specialist who took the time to listen to an anxious father’s concerns, the family-focused care that both Maeve and her father, Gavin, received at MGH went a long way to ease the fear and anxiety most young families face on their first visit to the ER. “Because the doctors took the time to listen to me, they were able to quickly diagnose Maeve and treat her infection. Within a few short weeks of visiting the Children’s ER, my little girl was back to herself again - healthy, wild and energetic.”

“First and foremost, MGH is a community hospital – they know their neighbours. This is why they can provide the best care possible.”


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