Chair's Message

Burns Michael


Community hospitals are playing an increasingly central role in today’s challenging health care environment. As the downtown hospitals become more specialized and intensify their research focus, community hospitals are taking a more important role in meeting a family’s lifetime health care needs.

That is why it is so gratifying to have the Garron family invest an unprecedented $50 million in our hospital. In recognition of this generous gift that will transform health care in east Toronto, the Toronto East General Hospital has become the Michael Garron Hospital, part of the Toronto East Hospital Network. We are very grateful for this visionary leadership and are thrilled to recognize a gift that will make a significant difference to our community.

This gift will allow us to continue to make our patient care truly world class by providing new patient care equipment and technology, and our first academic chairs to help attract and retain the best physicians and staff to provide the highest quality care possible to the patients who depend on us.

With this new gift, our planned dynamic, landmark health care facility will reflect, and support, the outstanding expertise we already provide and will enhance our ability to offer exemplary treatment and service—in a healing, patient-centred environment—in one of our nation’s most socially and economically diverse communities.

Yours most sincerely,


Michael Burns
Chair, MGH Foundation